Review: 2014 UI K-pop music fest


It is hard for me to appreciate “Gangnam Style“, and I have no clue why it has become such a global hit. But this didn’t prevent me from enjoying tonight’s Korean students’ K-pop music festival.

The University of Iowa Korean Undergraduates Student Association (KUSA) hosted the 2014 Korea Pop Music Festival, PYRA at the IMU Main Lounge. It was pretty well attended — there was about 300 people in the audience.

Without knowing any Korean, I still was moved by some unique music. I marveled at some great voices and enjoyed the visually stimulating dance — far better than Gangnam Style.

According to the organizer, PYRA means in Korean, “Blooming like a beautiful flower.” On the stage, I saw not only Korean students, but also Chinese American and African American dancers and singers. In the audience,  domestic and international students were well mixed.

The purpose of the event, as the president of KUSA said, was to promote campus diversity, and to introduce K-pop music to U.S. students and international students from other countries.

A video story on this event will come out soon. Stay tuned.