About me

I am a college senior fromLu Shen China, majoring in journalism and studio art at the University of Iowa, who has a passion for life, culture, art and food.

For the last two summers, I have worked as a reporter and writer for The Daily Iowan, an editorially independent campus newspaper. In addition to contributing to routine local coverage, I completed an in-depth reporting project on Chinese immigrants and students in Iowa City. This project evolved into a published three-part series that touched on issues of identity, freedom and international students’ plans for their futures. In addition to my reporting and writing experience, I offer the strengths of graphic design and multimedia skills.

My somewhat unconventional upbringing in Hangzhou, China — my parents basically respect my independence and want me to pursue my passions — taught me to be a self-starter and to value innovation and creativity. As a journalist, I put a great deal of effort into research, pay attention to detail and accuracy, and strive to communicate effectively.

I have turned cooking and baking into my interest since two years ago I moved to the States. Someday I may pursue a degree in culinary, and I want to write a book titled Journalist in the Kitchen.  DOWNLOAD MY RESUME

Contact me: lu-shen@uiowa.edu
My protfolio site: lushen.iowajmc.com
Follow me on Twitter @shenlulushen


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